Service & Repair


– All Hatchback tattoo machines come with a full service 1 year warranty* 
– Return shipping costs are not included with the warranty. 
– The warranty is for the
original buyer only! Proof of purchase necessary.

-  Do not Medicite your tattoo machine!



Steps for sending a machine in to be serviced:

  • CLEAN YOUR MACHINE – remove any ink, blood, rubber bands, and o-rings.

  • Package your machine in a small box or padded envelope to prevent damage during the shipping process.

  • You MUST write in a brief letter an explanation what is defect on your tattoo machine.

  • Machines must be sent back to Hatchback Irons to be serviced. 

  • Please ship your machine with a method that allows tracking so that you may track the progress of your shipment and know when your machine arrives to the builder.

  • If within the US, please include $10 for return ship. If other charges apply to the service, those charges can be calculated after the machine is received and assessed by the builder.

  • Please be patient. Though we make every effort to repair machines as soon as possible, we are very busy and can only do so much in a day.

Please email with general inquiries and pricing details.


*warranty – your machine is guaranteed, provided it's un-altered and un-molested, this means, don't mess with it at all! If it breaks, comes out of tune, or simply starts to suck, we'll back up our work. All we ask is that you don't take it apart, modify the machine in any way, or otherwise mess with it. there are some exceptions, of course...the addition of an RCA jack is no big deal, or changing the springs if they break, but once you loosen the coils, and start messing with the mojo, you're on your own. We don't offer any kind of refunds on used tattoo machines, whatsoever!


Basic machine info:
– if you didn't find a coin on the spring shelf, it's for a reason
– our machines aren't always going to work for everyone, but we try our best to make sure each machine is tuned to make sense for most tattooers, and perform as expected.
– if it should ever fail to meet your demands, we suggest contacting us via email, instead of putting the machine in a drawer or up for sale, so we can tend to your needs, and make sure you're happy with your purchase. we want people to USE our products. not put them away, or sell them.
– our parts are all machined by humans, so there WILL be some variation from one frame to the next, or from one coil core to the next. 
– our machines are truly hand made, and when you employ old world methods like sand casting, hand milling, and hand filing, you will undoubtedly run into variations among components.

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